The Phantom

Thief of "Hearts" and Master of Disguise



Otherwise, he can take on any form he wishes.


“I… do not remember much of my life. Most of what I know, I have gathered from other people. Only a few memories stand absolutely true in my mind.
While I was raised by a family of nobles, my life did not start that way. The earliest parts of my life were spent in a then bustling orphanage in the higher ring district. When I was a child, that part of the city was a wealthy comercial and civilian district. Today, that district lies stripped bare. Yet another act of greed from the accursed aritocracy.
Regardless… eventually I was adopted by a family of nobles I no longer remember the name off. To this day, I do not know why they cared to include me in their family. Politics? Kindness? Moral grand-standing? I do not know… either way, it does not matter. They will likely die at my hand as well one day. It is better if I do not remember them…
I grew up with that family, and I do believe I did love them like one usually loves his family. I remember wasting my time, revelling in hedonistic acts of pleasure. That was until… the incident.
I do not know how long ago it was. I don’t care to remember. I already remember it far too well… one day, I was joining my adoptive brother and sister in a attempt to get drunk in the upper tower. I was not usually one for their games, but I had recently recieved a broken heart from a girl I fancied back then. I do not remember who she was. Once we arrived at the room, and my dear brother and sister closed the door, we saw a figure dressed in black noble’s clothes, wearing a white mask. I do not remember what he said to us, but I remember what he did. Moving faster than my eye could follow, he eviscerated my sister, and decapitated my brother with a few simple movements. I did not do anything to stop him. I didn’t dare to. I remember the masked figure smiling at me, before suddenly standing right before my face. Then the world went black.
The following… months, I think, were chaotic. The court deemed me guilty of my sibling’s murder. They sentenced me with 10 years of imprisonment and torture, at the end of which I would be executed, for second degree manslaughter. My family did not believe anything I said, and simply disowned me. I was alone. I remained within a dungeon for more time than I can remember. The pain of the tongs, the scalpel, the hot iron… I would not wish it upon my most hated enemy. But the greatest pain, was to discover what i truly was. I am a monster. A disgusting, faceless creature that steals the lives and appearances of others. I am horrid beast by nature, and I desrve to die. That was what i thought. But I realized… those who put me in that dungeon. Those demons which stand at the top of my planes society. They are even more deserving of death.
Killing my torturer, I used his form to escape the dungeon. Back then, I could barely gather my thougths together for long enough to form a coherent sentence. I must have seemed insane… perhaps I was. But I was eventually found by the man that I would come to know as my teacher. I don’t know what he saw in me, but he decided to teach me the power of the Arcane Cards. Cards which are created from the user’s very soul, and used to capture the souls of those that are defeated… I should remind myself to write down how this power works at some point. I cannot remember much from this period in time. Perhaps my teacher wanted it that way. Regardless, the result is the power I now wield. My magical talents, and my power to enslave the soul.
This is where I decided to become the Phantom. I began taking the lives of the members of the aristocracy, one after another. Not only for revenge; when I tried to plead innocence, they refused to listen. I am but one man. How many others have gone through something similar? My world is wrong. Twisted, to the point where it forces you to rise up and kill simply to prove a point. I will fix it. I will tear it down, and change it from the root up. That… that is my duty.”

The Phantom

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