Grimlocks Mercenaries

The End of the Beginning

Our heroes find their place in the world

As our heroes arrived at the location of their quarry, all they found was a town reduced to melted rubble. They quickly gathered that the target given to them by the lord of the Valkyries, the illustrious Xayer, was responsible for the destruction of the town. Sparing only enough time to reassure the now displaced townsfolk, the party quickly set of to hunt down their prey.

After a few hours, the party located Xayer’s price. A monstrous half-dragon dinosaur, spewing acid and poison from it mouth. A battle began, where the party showed themselves overwhelmingly powerful compared to the poor mutant. The combat was short lived however, as only seconds into the engagement, a giant draconic abomination broke through the ground and consumed the half-dragon in a single chomp. With the voice of Xayer ringing in their minds, the party realised: this is where the true battle begins.

A long and bloody conflict occurred on that battlefield, one that will be shared among storytellers for generations to come. More than once, the party would find themselves leaning against death’s door. But with divine power, steadfast determination and sheer dumb luck on their side, our heroes prevailed over the bloodthirsty black dragon. As the final strike was struck, the party found themselves staring moments later at the throne of Xayer. All alive.

Given the title of Dragonslayers, among other titles, the party was sent on their way with the reward of rest and recuperation in the Hall itself. Along with a magic item of their choice. And thus, chapter one came to an end.

While old scars still ache, new wounds are given the chance to heal. Our party find their place in a world that is still new to them, a world where heroes are never hard to come by. Will they remain among the heroes for all time? Or will their scars cover not only their body, but their hearts as well?

Stay tuned…



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