Grimlocks Mercenaries

Turning the Page
A new chapter begins

After defeating the dragon, our heroes return victoriously to Grimmlock’s camp. But their joy was short lived as they noticed the tragedy that had occurred during their absence. Yuki, a manifestation of Sapphire’s soul that our heroes had discovered previously, had massacred a large contingent of the party’s personal forces. Clayton Rose, Luna’s first prisoner on this plane, was among the casualties.

On the back of this tragedy, the party decided to take some time off from their mercenary life. Spending their time relaxing, crafting and shopping, the party had a golden opportunity to get to know the populace of their new home. The ever-impatient Luna had other plans, however. She approached the party with a favour in mind: she asked them to join her on a personal quest to the City of Hope, a famous gambler’s town. Whether from a sense of loyalty, or a lust for adventure, our protagonists collectively decided to travel with Luna on her mission. Meanwhile, the newest addition to the team, Veressa, decided to pay a number of bards to spread the story of how she and her party-members slayed the dragon.

“The City of Hope.” A name dripping with sarcasm. Upon entering the city, our heroes quickly discovered it’s true nature. A place where the people trade in debt that constantly increases, it was clear that it was not the intention for the citizens to ever leave it’s walls. The inhabitants were trapped here. In a rush to find her target, Luna led the party on a search throughout the city streets that lasted for several hours. Their collective debt increasing with every step, the party grew hurried before they finally found what they came for. A legendary blacksmith, one who possesses the skill to craft virtually any piece of armor or weaponry. Towards the end of their journey, the party was left with a dilemma. How would they get rid of their debt, so that they may leave the city? With a heavy heart, the immortal Lich Chris Morrith volunteered to be left behind with the entire party debt. The party left with Elezal, the once-god and fellow planesman of Chris, swearing to raze the City of Hope to the ground.

As they returned from the City of Hope, they were met with a very annoyed Enia. Enia, being one of the daughters of Grimmlock himself, carries both authority and responsibility in the camp. She saw fit to explain the current political landscape to our heroes, and how they had received a rather… poor reputation. The people believed they were agents of Alter Zet, posing as mercenaries of Grimmlock. In order to start repairing their damaged renown, Enia gave them a personal mission of her own: to escort the young girl they had saved during their first encounter with the dark mist back home. The party took only a short amount of time to prepare before heading out. At the same time, a particular tale was spreading in the local taverns and hangouts. “The Tale of the Dragon Slayers.”

The journey to the city of Longlheín was largely uneventful, and no real surprises were had before the very end. Upon arriving at the city, the party was greeted by the city’s mayor: Bryston Rose, brother to Clayton Rose. It was now revealed that the young girl was Clayton Rose’s niece. Bryston was left blissfully unaware of our heroes involvement in his brother’s death, and invited the party to join the festival. Reluctantly, the heroes joined the festivities inside the city walls. There, they discovered that this particular festival was being held in their honour. The inhabitants here are the displaced citizens of the city that was attacked by the black mist. Though they were somewhat reluctant, the party eventually began to enjoy the festivities. Each member went to enjoy whichever activity suited them the most. Arvo in particular joined a brawling tournament, Upon entering, he was immediately faced against the champion, who he defeated with ease. But little rest was afforded the dwarven demigod, for just after his brawl a local woman attempted to assassinate Arvo through a magical disease. But, Arvo was saved by a counter spell from Lotus. Before any questions could be asked, the woman claimed her own life. The last words she ever uttered were “the World sends his regards”. The Mayor ended the festival early after this incident out of fear for his people and their safety.

On the way back, Arvo was approached by a shadowy figure. A servant of Hecate. Though initially hostile, the demigod was persuaded to listen when the figure promised no harm. He came with a deal. By placing a necklace on the torso of the body of sapphire or Aganda, Arvo could trade either of them for the kidnapped Cecelia. He chose Sapphire. Shortly afterwards, Lotus returned to participate in the arena of the Drunken Dragon. Shortly after that, she was killed by one Zilinos the Butcher, who claimed he/she wanted to face the renowned dragon slayers in combat. But before the party could even begin to mourn, Lotus reappeared before them less than a day later. No one knew why, including, apparently, the pixie dragon herself.

Finally, the party decided it was time to once again take on a mission. They chose a mission from Gusa Ite, the primary opponent of Alter Zet: “track, follow and protect a caravan from raiders”. Sparing only enough time to prepare their equipment , they headed out for another adventure.

Stay tuned…

The End of the Beginning
Our heroes find their place in the world

As our heroes arrived at the location of their quarry, all they found was a town reduced to melted rubble. They quickly gathered that the target given to them by the lord of the Valkyries, the illustrious Xayer, was responsible for the destruction of the town. Sparing only enough time to reassure the now displaced townsfolk, the party quickly set of to hunt down their prey.

After a few hours, the party located Xayer’s price. A monstrous half-dragon dinosaur, spewing acid and poison from it mouth. A battle began, where the party showed themselves overwhelmingly powerful compared to the poor mutant. The combat was short lived however, as only seconds into the engagement, a giant draconic abomination broke through the ground and consumed the half-dragon in a single chomp. With the voice of Xayer ringing in their minds, the party realised: this is where the true battle begins.

A long and bloody conflict occurred on that battlefield, one that will be shared among storytellers for generations to come. More than once, the party would find themselves leaning against death’s door. But with divine power, steadfast determination and sheer dumb luck on their side, our heroes prevailed over the bloodthirsty black dragon. As the final strike was struck, the party found themselves staring moments later at the throne of Xayer. All alive.

Given the title of Dragonslayers, among other titles, the party was sent on their way with the reward of rest and recuperation in the Hall itself. Along with a magic item of their choice. And thus, chapter one came to an end.

While old scars still ache, new wounds are given the chance to heal. Our party find their place in a world that is still new to them, a world where heroes are never hard to come by. Will they remain among the heroes for all time? Or will their scars cover not only their body, but their hearts as well?

Stay tuned…

Encounters with Divinity

Due to troubles mounting upon the face of the world, the party was sent, on short notice, to request the help of the Valkyries’ oracle. The Lord of the Valkyries, Xazer, Champion Of The Skies, Lord Of The White, The Undefeated, The Gifted, The Stubborn, Giver Of Life, Eternal Fire, Champion Of Men, The Taker Of Life, The Strong, Eater Of All, The Powerful One, The Clever, and the father of the oracle, decided that only the worthy would deserve to guard his daughter. To determine their worth, Xazer ordered that three of the party’s members were to duel Xazer’s chosen: Aganda, is daughter.

Throughout the battle, the party discovered the history between Xazer and his daughter. A bastard daughter, Aganda carries the (possibly misplaced) hatred of her father. Refusing to finish the defeated Aganda off, the party were kindly asked to leave the Vakyries’ tower. Once outside, they were given a task by Xazer: “hunt down and destroy an exceptional creature for me.” With that, the party set off for the sea.

On the seas, two members of the party (Varessa and Chris) had a meeting with a now… less reputable, former member of the party. Arséne Maurice Leblanc, better known as “the Phantom.” After holding a conversation, Chris made a “contract” with Phantom.

Relationships breaking down. Plots being forged. Inner darkness being revealed and shared. What will happen to our heroes from here, and how will this world change?

Stay tuned…

The beginning of suspicion.

As you descover more and more about your supposed allies. You realize not all power at work may be to your benefit. The team beginning to question their loyalty to one another and wonder what other secret deals may of been made As one may of already cost the life of a dear friend of the sisters. And now with the return of the spell plague making a return. And this hideous aura down to the South. Plus this deal that was made with a woman who runs some type of experimental lab in the mountains.

Will the players be able to save Sapphire? Will the be able to rescue Cecelia? What trial awaits them on the road to the hull of the Valkyries? And with phantoms dissapearenc what will the party do to make up for his absence of knowledge.

The burning village of the Thot.
As they were heading back to their camp, following the shore line, they saw a small port city burning in the distance. Eagerly they changed course to see what good they could do. As they changed course someone appeared to them. Shan’ra. one of the nine heroes that defeated the mighty dragon who ruled over the world for far too long. After learning what her scale does, she vanished as quickly and brilliantly as she came. but the party noticed almost too late of how close they had come to the shore as they were distracted. But they were able to stop the ship in time. to avoid a collision. Once they left the boat into the burning city they are immediately confronted by demons from the upper parts of the nine hells. that were running havoc in the city. but after a cleaver illusion they were able to scare them off back to where they came…. for now, However the true threat revealed itself, a high level Succubus came and almost got the best of the party before they got their witts about them and banded together to deal with her. Once the demon saw she no longer had an upper hand she fled. but it was a close call, even more so when Aurora arrived and fired what she said was a tracking arrow. but even that seemed not to work. but when chasing the demon they found Cecelia badly wounded and collapsed on the ground. after waking her she had little memory of the fight at all beyond seeing the fire.

Current military inside grimlocks camp

Grimlocks forces
3 Champions
27 Elites
45 Archers
22 mages
100 solders

Zezumel’s forces
4 Elites
12 Archers
5 mages
18 solders

Adventure one

After meeting one another the new members learn of their first mission. to hunt a man whos name was in shambles after an interaction with a loan shark from Alter Zet.

The first mission was a bit complicated but it allowed for the players to earn some new muscle and find a loyal ally. Zezumel a man known well for his loyalty and his honesty.

Erna un amused as she dislikes the fact of seeing so much good coin go to waist. but she was only there to supervise for this mission.

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