Grimlocks Mercenaries

A man who recruits the best he can find across all the plains. He is willing to recruit any who show the capability to work as a team and can handle themself in battle. And whom are willing to do any job for the promise of coin and or power.

He brings those he recruits to his world through a planer portal. A World where a great war and struggle for power is raging. Where 3 factions are fighting to claim power over the land.

One a greedy king who currently sits at the Pinnacle of power but his greed also feeds his lazyness. He cares only for himself and his own wealth and is only truly worried when he is attacked. But he makes up your paladins, wizards, Clerics, and arcane archers.

The pure hearted of the forest. Filled with those who wish the land to prosper in a time for all. A time for everyone to share the wealth and the love. They make up the majority of the druids, warriors, wild mages, and rangers.

Then the last is the underground. The ones that hide out inside outlaw camps. They are exiles, bandits, unwanted by most. These men want to see the world burn, their leader wants to rise to power in order to become the supreme leader of this world. And rule through fear and slavery.

Who will come to power? That is up to the players. Each session there will be jobs posted from each faction. The more you help a single faction the stronger they become (depending on the mission.) However at some point there will be a turning. And players will have to make a choice as a mission may require that you completely screw over another faction.

Campaign starts at CL5 with an available LA of +3.